Best Rafting Spots to Try in Bali

Do you have a plan for doing rafting Bali once coming to this island? Actually, one of the best Bali tours and activities that you should try when you are in Bali is doing rafting. This activity is very popular and many people, who come to this island, mostly will try to do rafting. For your information, Bali has many rafting places, so that you have many choices of place to do rafting. So, if you want to do rafting, you have to make sure that you know where the best place for this activity is.

Choosing any Rafting Spots in Bali

As rafting is such a precious thing to do, you have to spend it in the best sport for rafting Bali. As already stated before, you can find many rafting spots in Bali and you can choose which one is the best for you. Therefore, there are some names of rafting spots in Bali that will make you sure to get the best services while rafting!

  • Telaga Waja River

This rafting track is proven as the longest track for rafting in Bali. It is about 16 kilometers from the start point into the finish line. Moreover, for the time, it takes about 3 hours of journey to complete this longest rafting track. Then, how is the view that we are going to have? You will very satisfy with the view of the rice field. Besides that, you will also get a view of the beautiful waterfall.

  • Ayung River Ubud

This one rafting spot is very popular in Bali. It is precisely located in Ubud, Bali. To get the finish line, you have to through the track for about 2.5 hours. Yes, this rafting track is not that long when it is compared with the previous one. It is only about 13 kilometers in length. Different from the previous spot, which is very nature-thing, this rafting spots will bring you to be closer with any Balinese Art.

You can take the photos when you are doing rafting and it will turn into very beautiful spots for a photo. In this rafting spots, you will really find the creativity alongside the river.  You will get amazed by the view and it makes people no wonder why this rafting spot is popular among the tourist.

  • Melangit River (Bakas Village)

The other recommended place for rafting is Melangit River. This river has a location in Bakas Village, Bali. It is provided by Bakas Levi Rafting. As this place is located a little bit far from the town, nature is still genuine. So, if you want to experience the good side and natural side of rafting Bali, choosing Melangit River for rafting can be the best choice for you.

Those names are actually only several recommendations from many other rafting spots which are also extremely gorgeous. However, as different rafting spots might have a different interesting point, you can choose based on the uniqueness that you want to try. Then, have you already made your decision between those three names of rafting spots?

Considering Safe Rafting Spots

Choosing any rafting spot is not merely about where will be the place that will give you much fun. You also need to think about safety. Yes, you have to crosscheck about the safety system that you find in that rafting spots. Besides that, you also might consider the service. You have to make sure that the service is complete enough for you. It would be good if you also can get more or various services there.

Those things should be your consideration too, once you are looking for any rafting place. To avoid any disappointment, do not forget to read some reviews about people who have experience in those rafting spots. Then, you will get more consideration in choosing which one is the best place for doing rafting. Therefore, you can enjoy your rafting after you have no doubt in choosing the rafting spot in Bali.

Actually, whatever is your choice about the best place to do rafting; you could be confident with your choice. It is because all the rafting spots in Bali have their standard. For example, for the safety, the standard is already fulfilling the International safety standard. Besides that, it is also friendly for those who are beginners in rafting. So, if you are still beginners, you do not need to worry too much about the spot.

Besides that, the services are so various, so you will be satisfied with the available services there. Then, you also have to know that you will explore how beauty the nature in Indonesia, especially Bali if you join any white water rafting in Bali. Because of those things, it is safe and much recommended to do white water rafting Bali and make it as one of the most memorable activities when you are there.

Would Like to Visit Hong Kong Disneyland?

One of the best tourist attractions in Hong Kong is Disneyland. While you want to visit this tourist attraction, it will be better if you find out about what you should do there, tips and trick, and so on.

Check the Ticket Before

The most important thing to know is about the ticket of Hong Kong Disneyland. For the adult, the ticket is $589 HKD per person or about $65 USD. For a child, the price is $4e19 HKD or about $54 USD. For senior citizens above 65 years, the price is $100 HKD or about $13.

Tips and Trick to Enjoy Hong Kong Disneyland

There are some tips and tricks for you to visit Hong Kong Disneyland. It will help you to enjoy your holiday in Disneyland. What are those?

Visit on Weekday

The best time to visit Hong Kong Disneyland is in weekday. Try to avoid weekend or you can’t get in the middle of crowded. If you would like to enjoy your day in Disneyland, choose the weekday to avoid any crowded times. If you are able to visit in a weekday, why don’t you arrange your schedule to visit this park?

Notice the Busy Time

Besides the day, you also need to notice about the busy time. Remember that not all of the hours are the busy time. If you would like to go around and enjoy riding some attractions, it will be better to come to Disneyland in the early morning.

Most of the locals and tourism start getting busy on lunchtime. If you would like to enjoy the day in Disneyland, try to visit it an earlier day. Once it has been opened, you can get around Disneyland and don’t queue for a long time until the next 2 hours. It is much time to ride there and this for 2 hours.

Don’t Be Distracted By Meet and Greet

While getting there, you will be busy to see Disney character. There, you can meet and greet them and took a photo with them. If you wish to get a photo with them, don’t forget to see whether they are a lot of people who are getting a line or not. You have to count them whether it takes a long time or not.

If it is too long, you can go back to meet and greet the next time after riding some attractions. Just wait until the queue is less and you will not spend your time to queue only.

Consider Walking from Disneyland’s Resort

If you are choosing to rest in Disneyland’s Resort, you can choose to walk rather than riding a shuttle. It just takes about 20 minutes to Disneyland’s Park. Thus, if you want to get an economical holiday, just walk there and enjoy the view of the surrounding.

Take Fastpass

In some areas, there are Fastpass services. It means you can’t wait for a long time if you would like to ride something. It just takes about 5 minutes only but you need to pay higher than it.

See the Shows

If you would like to get more magical adventure, try to see the shows. You can choose whether what kind of shows would like to see. There are some options you can see. It is worth to see the magical things and your experience will get last forever.

Get PhotoPass

Don’t forget to take a PhotoPass. Well, in every ride, there will be a photo session and you are able to buy it from them. It can be the memorable thing that you have visited Hong Kong Disneyland.

You can redeem it when you want to go home to avoid any crowded tourism who buys the PhotoPass too. You can’t queue for a long time to buy them,

Visit More Than One Day

If you are visited on its official website, they say that you can spend a day to go around Disneyland. It absolutely doesn’t make any sense. Nowadays, there are 5 theme parks you can visit. Can you imagine visiting all parks just in a day? To make you able to visit all the parks, just take two or three days to go around it.

It is all the tips and trick you need to know before going to Hong Kong Disneyland.

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